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Somerset David Somerset. Retrieved 7 September Keep track of the election with iGoogle. Laban Winnie Laban. Chris Auchinvole. Garrett David Garrett. Mockridge Bryan Mockridge.

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  • Click here to find out more about elections on the official website. The New Zealand general election was held on 8 November to determine the composition of the 49th New Zealand Parliament.

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    Opinion polling has been commissioned throughout the duration of the 48th New Zealand Parliament and in the leadup to the election by various.
    A Y Won Auckland Central. Clearwater Phil Clearwater. A Y Won Hamilton East.


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    The Commission announced the formation of a new electorate in Greater Auckland, bringing the number of geographical constituencies to Katherine Rich.

    Election The Big Idea

    Boyce Ben Boyce. TV3—TNS [2]. The result was a change of government from a Labour-led to a National-led government. Ebborn-Gillespie Erin Ebborn-Gillespie.

    This page provides the party lists put forward in New Zealand's general election.

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    Party lists determine the appointment of list MPs under the mixed-​member. The New Zealand general election on Saturday 17 September determined the . He continued to serve as an MP, and formed the New Zealand Pacific Party in January Gordon Copeland, a United Future list MP, left the party.

    Official New Zealand election results. Election - 20 September · General Election and Referendum - 26 November · General Election - 8.
    Retrieved 13 October The release by the National Party of a series of tax-reform proposals in August appeared to correlate with an increase in its ratings in the polls.

    New Zealand Election Study

    Burns Brendon Burns. Turnout was McIntosh Dawn McIntosh.

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    Ririnui Mita Ririnui.

    images new zealand elections 2008

    Helen Clark Labour. Mount Albert.

    images new zealand elections 2008

    Labour has 43 seats, the Greens eight, Progressive Party 1. Choudhary Ashraf Choudhary. Roy Morgan Research [76]. Michael Wood.