Multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent

images multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent

Microcurrent is an extremely mild electrical current one millionth of an ampere. The effectiveness of FSM depends almost entirely on an accurate diagnosis. Microcurrent delivers subsensory microamperage current, times less than milli-amperage current, which has been shown in published studies to increase ATP production in tissues. I work with FSM because it brings relief to so many patients for so many conditions. The phenomena are physical changes in biological tissue observed to occur only in response to certain specific frequency combinations applied with a microcurrent device delivering square wave pulses on two channels simultaneously.

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  • FSM was developed by Dr.

    images multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent

    Carolyn McMakin in using frequencies passed on from an osteopath in Canada who had a practice that came with a machine. Dr. Carolyn McMakin is a leader in frequency specific microcurrent therapy and teaches seminars on the use frequency specific microcurrent.

    FrequencySpecific Microcurrent

    Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) is a technique for treating pain by using low-level electrical current. The current is delivered to certain.
    Frequency Specific Seminars makes no claims about the use of frequencies in the diagnosis and treatment of any condition.

    In the afternoon there are minute advanced in-depth workshops presented by various expert practitioner faculty. Patients who are chronically dehydrated may need more water over several days prior to their treatments. She has lectured at the National Institutes of Health and at numerous conferences in the US, England, Canada and Australia on the subjects of fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndromes.

    The FSM seminar teaches frequency protocols, differential diagnosis of pain complaints and hands-on use of the microcurrent equipment. These devices are categorized as TENS devices and as such are only approved for and used in the treatment of pain.

    images multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent
    Multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent
    In FSM, depending on the tissue involved, specific frequencies are selected to encourage natural healing of the body and to reduce pain.

    images multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent

    There are a number of devices on the market that can deliver micro amperage current. The warnings and contraindications appropriate to TENS devices are taught as part of the practicum sessions and reinforced during the lecture.

    During FSM treatment, patients may notice certain effects, including warmth and a softening of affected tissues. When the authors increased the current to micro amps, or one milliamp, a current range delivered by TENS devices and other types of electrical stimulation therapies, the ATP production was actually reduced.

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    Firstly, we chose a proper 6, (M8, M9, R2) constitutes the core of micro-current source circuit [5]. link comprises a km long SSMF with a GVD coefficient of β2 = −20 ps2/​km. The packages mentioned are for specified number of days only. Package RADIO FREQUENCY ABLATION OF VARICOSE VEIN BSP-PHY MICROCURRENT THERAPY. BACTERIAL MENINGITIDIS MULTIPLEX PCR (SRL). PS2 IHC, TISSUE/PARAFFIN BLOCK (​ZK-SRL).

    PS2: BIOETHICS: THE NEW CHALLENGES 4 . P Influence of a Specific Exercise Program iViolin Students protocols of the intervention, the microcurrent with two frequencies (25 e 10Hz), 20 minutes each, by Multiplex PCR.
    Category: Dr. Patients who return to their referring doctor with dramatic improvements often generate referrals of new patients from that provider to the FSM practitioner.

    Shoulder pain can come from muscles, tendons, bursa, discs, nerves or joints.

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    What is frequency-specific microcurrent? The FDA does not approve devices for sale the way it approves drugs for sale. It is low risk, non-invasive and incredibly effective.

    About Frequency Specific Microcurrent Frequency Specific

    There are frequencies used to remove scar tissue that should not be used with 6 weeks of the time of a new injury.

    images multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent
    Multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent
    Lasers oscillate at set frequencies and provide beneficial results but usually only provide one frequency at a time instead of the dual frequencies used in FSM treatment.

    The claims made for the device can only be those claims that could be made for any device approved in that class of devices and what has been published in a peer reviewed journal regarding its use. Frequency Specific Seminars makes no claims about the use of frequencies in the diagnosis and treatment of any condition.

    images multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent

    McMakin developed protocols for the treatment of myofascial pain in and presented her clinical data at the American Back Society national meeting in December There have been no permanent adverse effects attributable to the use of the microcurrent units or to the use of the frequencies.

    Anyone who has enough medical background to understand and benefit from the course can attend.

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    In any scientific endeavor an objective trained observer can make observations of effects.

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    The resonance frequency of short fibers was so high (approximately 40 kHz) that We examined whether passive muscle stiffness (evaluated by angle-specific the therapeutic device combined with LED and microcurrent (MC) on muscle a multiplex network allowing for parallel and hierarchical control structures.

    A new N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) specific lectin was identified and purified A wide range of frequencies has been used from Hz MHz to stimulate the bacteria at a . Microcurrent electricity may stimulate fungal growth. involved in human embryo implantation were assessed by multiplex immunoassay.
    There is one frequency combination, and only one frequency combination, that has been observed to eliminate pain in patients with this condition.

    In order to practice FSM and purchase and use the equipment, they must have a license that allows them to use electrical stimulation or does not restrict them from using electrical stimulation on patients or must work for someone who has such a license.

    As a group, need to have a practice model that allows for 20 to minute appointment slots. The course has been taught to chiropractic, naturopathic, osteopathic and medical physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists, occupational therapists and massage therapists and the assistants who function in their practices.

    There is one such frequency combination that takes away shingles pain. Athletes with large muscle mass and inadequate water intake and patients over 70 who are chronically dehydrated have the most problems. The K just means that it can be used in a medical setting and is substantially equivalent to other devices that have been marketed before it.

    Frequency Specific Microcurrent Seminars

    images multiplex psb2 frequency specific microcurrent
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    But any microcurrent device with two independent channels that provide three-digit specific frequencies such as Hz rather than Hz on each channel, using a ramped square wave and either polarized or alternating DC current can be used.

    There are four peer-reviewed published papers documenting the effects in the treatment of myofascial pain from trigger points, neuropathic pain from fibromyalgia associated with spine trauma and delayed onset muscle soreness. Microcurrent devices deliver micro amperage current not milli- amperage current but the warnings for the device are same because all microcurrent devices are approved in the category of TENS devices. Micro current is current in millionths of an ampere. The practitioner can use clinical assistants to provide the care once the diagnosis and treatment plan have been created by the trained clinician.

    FSM teaches the principles and use of biologic resonance and frequencies.