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Just because it quotes a press release does not mean that it can't be used for propaganda. OR we could use smart policy that allows us to compete in the global economy. This relationship isn't bad for America, it's fairly short sighted and the wrong way to fight unemployment. Are the things he said false? But even then, not permanently or even completely. You need to login to view this link This site has their own editors, so It's very easy to write biased articles. He's merely a comedian, doing things that appeal to millenial "holier-than-thou" liberals to entertain them. That's all I'm appealing to, not their interpretation.

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    Trump "berning" lots of cruz, hillary, and bernie fans in an MLG fashion. "Can't Stump the Trump" is a slogan often used by supporters of the Republican presidential primary candidate Donald Trump, indicating that he is incapable of being flustered or defeated by critics.​ On July 28th,the conservative news site The Ralph Retort[2] published.

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    Politics: “Can't Stump the Trump” was a campaign slogan used by supporters of the Republican presidential primary candidate Donald.
    Why not say "I've explained this before"?

    Yet it still hurts our trade. Not quite. But what about the specific claims made?

    And HOW are they being undercut? Trump has gone so far as to explain his changes of opinions in the past. About his policyshifts and running as democrat inpeople can change their mind, I've never criticized anyone for it, despite being aware Hillary has done similliar things.

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    His warmongering? No, it's because China and Mexico are much lower cost to produce than America due to their economies on the working class.

    Potential Happening. He probably should have done. Great for you? Every possible smallest fault you can find about Trump doesn't equate to him being stumped.

    Are you going to say they lied about the content of the press release?

    r/AskThe_Donald: We are a PRO Trump, PRO Administration and MAGA zone. This sub is for Watch the video "Can't Stump The Trump Vol.

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    4" on YouTube. Buy GEEK TEEZ Donald Trump Can't Stump The Trump Women's T-Shirt: Shop The size is a true form shirt, meaning that it fits the traditional American cut in. Trump gets stumped >"OMG CANT STUMP THE TRUMP" "How are you going to get for the - # added by theism at You Can't Stump the Steam-​rolling Trump.

    images cant stump the trump meaning

    Meaning he wants people to understand why he thinks like he does.
    His warmongering? Does anyone? Again, this is subjective, I'd have to rip on Trump and Clinton and to a lesser degree Bernie, who does over-simplify and over-exaggerate problems that everyone who isn't white and male has if I'd consider it a false.

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    Do you have a source on him saying what you claim he says? By creating demand! Well again, on extreme issues like violating Nafta Trump isn't going to get a lot of mileage frankly.

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    I find it pretty compelling.

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    Are you ok with him dodging the question? You can see the hints of what he's saying but he doesn't clearly answer the fucking question. You can not take this man seriously as a source on political matters, or for any matters infact. Pretty much the same thing.